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Les Nouvelles Esthétiques (LNE) magazine and the National Coalition of Esthetic and Related Associations (NCEA) recently announced Margie Long of Monroe, Ohio, as the recipient of the first-ever esthetics scholarship. Long received a $1,000 check, sponsored by LNE, from the NCEA. A panel of five NCEA members unanimously selected Long from the numerous applications that were submitted from the American Association of Cosmetology Schools. Applicants had to be midway through their education program and had to maintain 80 percent attendance and an 80 percent grade average. In addition, all applicants had to submit a written essay of why they deserve to be the recipient of the scholarship. Long had a 99 percent grade point average and attended the Aveda- Fredrics Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. Margie Long really demonstrated what it is to have passion for our industry. Against all odds, she s pulled through with the support of her family, juggling severe financial constraints. She showed us her determination to continue in the rewarding field of esthetics, said Monica Schuloff Smith, editor in chief of LNE magazine, and we couldn t be more proud to award her with the scholarship. To present Long with her award, LNE magazine gave her an all-expenses-paid trip to Miami, FL, to attend all three days of the Miami International Congress of Esthetics, In addition to the scholarship money, Long received a three-day pass to attend the conference, a framed certificate from LNE, another from NCEA, and a one-year subscription to LNE magazine. The American edition of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques has been in circulation since 1985 and is the only monthly publication in the industry devoted exclusively to skin care and spa professionals. The focus of the magazine s articles is to educate skin care and spa professionals in all aspects of the beauty industry.les Nouvelles Esthétiques was founded more than 50 years ago in Paris, France. With a global network of 19 publications and 19 trade shows worldwide, the company remains the largest international source for esthetics and spa professionals. NCEA was founded in January Its mission is to represent and protect the esthetics and related professions while conveying proper standards of practice and educating the industry and the public. To apply for an NCEA scholarship, visit for an application.

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