Virginia Institute of Esthetics: Setting the Skincare Standards

Setting the Skincare Standards

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Saphonia Gee, CIDESCO

  • International CIDESCO Diplomat
  • Licensed Esthetics Instructor
  • Licensed Esthetician
  • Licensed Make-up Artist
  • Certified Medical Esthetician
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Certified Repechage Educator
  • Owner & operator of Virginia Institute of Esthetics
  • Saponaria Skin Therapy Center
  • Founder of the Society of Virginia Skincare Specialist (SVSS)
  • Co-owner of In Your Own Skin, Skin Therapy Center
  • State member for Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetology
  • Subject Matter Expert in designing National Exam
  • Author of “ The Esthetics Manual “ Skills Book



  1. Education level of Estheticians
  2. Professional Credentials
  3. Staying current with training
  4. Having documentation of your education
  5. Allows more schools to operate within the state

Precautation and Contraindications of use

  1. Lack of Time
  2. Lack of Expenses
  3. Negative Energy, Do not have a love for Esthetics
  4. If only pursuing for monetary gain
  5. Not being able to accept constructive criticism


  1. Contact local & state officials
  2. Analyze the issues & concerns.
  3. Contact your local & national organization
  4. Determine the work load
  5. Contact other states and review current laws
  6. Solicit support from peers and colleagues
  7. Set goals and time lines

Procedures Codes and Creating a Law

  1. Identify the individual who will compose the legislation in legal terms.
  2. Identify the individual who will carry your legislation into session.
  3. Select a team representative of the state industry.
  4. It’s time to start to lobby for your cause.
  5. Gain local business support

Post-Procedure Regulations Supporting the law

  1. Contact your Board of Barbers and Cosmetology
  2. Establishment of the Regulations
  3.  Take part in the public hearing process
  4. Assist the board member and staff with your knowledge of the industry
  5. Letters of support

Maintenance and Infection Control

  1. Always read your trade magazines
  2. Join at least two organizations
  3. Attend at once least trade show a year

Frequently Asked Questions

What are codes?

It is the State Law

What is a Regulation?

It is the Rule that supports the State Law

What are some of the different organizations you
can join?

NCA –National Cosmetology Association

ASCP- Association Skincare Professionals

NCEA –National Coalition of Esthetic
Manufactures/Distributors & Associations

SVSS –Society of Virginia Skincare Specialist

What are some of the trade magazines

American Spa

Beauty Launch Pad

Day Spa,


Les Nouvelles Esthetiques

Medical Spas

Skin Inc

What’s medical Esthetics?

The practice of esthetics in a medical environment

Why do states need consistency in

To keep standards of education high


* If you enjoyed the format of this presentation, the Virginia Institute of Esthetics offers skills for all Esthetic disciplines.


What is the contact information for the Virginia Institute of Esthetics?


phone: 757-431-4526