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A Merger That Has Sustained 50 Years of Success

Merged on July 12, 1956 in Dallas, TX. The results of this merger was a new organization…


NIC Bulletin Official Newsletter of the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, Inc. June/July/ August 2005 Volume 61, No. 3

Yesterday’s Proof, Today’s Ways, and Tomorrow’s Changes

NIC s Annual Conference On August 27-29, 2005 at the Marriott Washington Hotel in Washington D.C., members of State Boards of Cosmetology from all over the country will assemble for the Annual Conference of NIC. The purpose is to share with each other the most current ideas relative to the administration of Cosmetology license laws, plus examinations. This year s conference promises to be one of the most important and informative in the history of NIC. The agenda is truly outstanding in every phase. It provides for an educational program designed to be of practical material to benefit all attendees. The purpose is to keep focus on NIC and their 50 years of accomplishments by Yesterday s Proof of ideas that helped make Today s Ways and prepare the Council for Tomorrow s Changes for the future. However, this prospectus will be meaningless and valueless if members do not attend the conference. In order that it be successful, one must come and participate in all activities. No progress can be made unless all members are determined and sincere in their desire and determination to advance and move forward to carry out NIC plans and projects. Let us join in a united effort to be progressive in our A Merger That Has Sustained 50 Years of Success The merger between the National Council of Boards of Beauty Culture and the Interstate Council of Boards of Cosmetology represented a stepping stone towards greater accomplishments in the field of cosmetology. Because of this union the new group would profit from their experiences and the mistakes of the two organizations. By erasing the past they could move on to greater achievements. This brought the two groups to an agreement in Louisville, KY in 1955 to merge the two organizations. Together they worked side by side for a year with many discussions on the objectives and standards and then officially merged on July 12, 1956 in Dallas, TX. The results of this merger was a new organization, the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology, Inc. An election was held with Queen Ann Sims of South Carolina becoming the first president to serve the newly formed group. One of the main goals of the new organization was to modernize license law administration and better enforcement for cosmetology, according to Jacob Yahm, who that time was elected at that time editor continued on page 3 thinking, progressive in our planning and progressive in our actions. I once quoted when I was president. As board members, you can do a great deal to help chart the course of the Cosmetology profession to its rightful position as one of the leading vocations in the 21st Century. Please make plans to attend. See you all in Washington D.C. Lois Wiskur Above: Elected Officers Seated, left to right: Agnes L. Giordano, Aurie Gosnell, Bill Stafford – President, Pearl Ware. Standing: Mr. Godefroy, Michael J. Murphy, Evelyn Wilburn, Elsie Tinsley, Marie Hanley.

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